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Event: Life Transitions: Onset of Incapacity From a Legal Perspective, Management of the Person and/or Property, and  Social Security Disability Benefits 

Date: Monday, November 20, 2017, 1pm – 2pm
Location: Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics (LPPH&C) 401 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94143,  LP-190 Auditorium

Learn About:

  • Have an awareness of the distinctions between various legal definitions of capacity depending on the circumstances, and that they may differ from medical definitions.
  • Understand the different types of fiduciaries, planning when circumstances are changing, and documents that medical professionals may be asked to provide related to succession of fiduciaries and Social Security disability applications.
  • Have a working knowledge of certain Social Security disability benefits principle.


Steven Bruce, Legal Director of People With Disabilities Foundation.
Janet Espey, Esq. Partner, Espey Law

LPPHC Intensive Services Grand Rounds presentations are for educational purposes and are intended only for an audience of medical professionals.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will be available for licensed physicians participating in this activity. You must attend this event in-person and sign in to qualify for CME credit.

For more details: http://calendar.ucsf.edu/event/is112017#.Wg3R7EqnEdU

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